Our People

Our people are extensively connected throughout the NHS and the private healthcare sector both nationally and internationally and have strong links to associated industries especially primary care IT.

Our Aim

Our aim is to be the leading consultancy service for GP Practices, Federations and Alliances or for anyone wanting to operate in that market place. See our offer pages for federations or companies for more info.

Our Clients

We are operationally managing 2 Alliances in Cheshire covering 19 practices and 157000 patients and are providing support to several other Federations around the country and we are working with a range of IT companies to help them access and understand the evolving primary care market.


“We believe that many federations are going to fail because they have been setup wrong and don’t have the right management. We believe we have a better model that will ensure federations flourish – which is what primary care needs to survive”


“It is a relief to know that you are working on our behalf and you do have our support to proceed as you see fit and to act quickly if the need arises like now.”


“We have established a unique solution for companies wanting to access the primary care market.”